Trade show Feria Habitat Valencia 2019

The September 2019 was very important and memorable for the third big city of Spain, Valencia by two important evets. First, on 9th of September was the designation Valencia city as the Design Capital of the World 2022 by the World Design Organization, and second, during September 17-20 took place the best Feria Hábitat Valencia of recent years.

Shortly, the Feria Hábitat Valencia is the main showcase for the world of creativity, innovation and design ‘Made in Spain’. Even though the fair has been representing more areas of Spain and more foreign countries this year.

In this way, 36% of the total number of companies and brands that exhibited in the Fair were based in the Comunitat Valenciana, and 40% from other regions of Spain. The International Manufacturers and Brands that exhibited this year were Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Impressively, the Habitat Fair first time took place in 1963, and it is the most representative showroom of the Feria Valencia and a symbol of the Valencia. The last years it was growing fast, so comparing to 2018, when just four pavilions were filled with exhibitors, already in 2019, Habitat has filled six pavilions and has even left out requests and has increased visitors by 25%. So, this explained the success of more than 33000 visitors that were registered in 2019.

Nevertheless, this international showcase was a great opportunity for all participants to make their products or services known, to share the new trends, undertake new projects and expand the market. As it was a meeting point for Interior Designers, designers, decorators, architects and other lovers of product design and interior design. For instance, LFS is the virtual meeting point for Lighting Designers and Decorators & Architects.

Also, the Feria was privileged with the presence of the latest designs from international figures such as Patricia Urquiola, Christophe Pillet, Jasper Morrison, Marcel Wanders, Jaime Hayón, Gabriel Teixidó, Francesc Rifé, Ximo Roca, Mario Ruiz and the eternal Vicent Martínez were all present at the fair.

Additionally, the fair succeeded to create a meeting point ( like LFS is in the virtual space) for the the leading firms in the sector and the entire distribution chain in the sector: design retailers, purchasing groups, sales agents and contract professionals.

The Section of the Show case was divided into:

Area D (design and avant-garde)
Nude show (new designers)
High Decoration
Contract Galleries

The participants have presented their works within following categories:
Furniture: classic and high decoration; modern, upholstered, rest; design;
Lighting: classic, modern and avant-garde; Home textiles: publishers, decoration, upholstery, curtains, carpets and textiles for the home; Rest; Decoration: decorative elements and accessories; Kitchen: furniture and household appliances; outdoor: lighting, furniture, gardening and urban furniture; household goods; home articles;
interior and architectural coverings; nude lounge for young designers.

The most distinctive Novelty for the Habitat Fair from Valencia in 2019 was the new collection Ibiza by Eugeni Quitllet, for Vondom. The outdoor furniture Collection made from 100% from recycled plastics from the sea, through the concept called Revolution. Through the initiative “Revolution,”  Vondom solidified its commitment to recycling and aims to create plastic pieces “100 percent recycled from the sea”.

Important to mention, that within all the awards the conferences taken, the most popular was the one for young designers who, with little investment, have been able to participate in this showcase.  The name of it is Nude Generation, which represents an experimental area that has been held since 2002 at Feria Hábitat Valencia at the end of September as part of the fair.

Curiously, the Nude Generation show has become an indispensable event for new designers, design schools, business people and the media.

So, the winners of the nude 2019 award were the girls from “38 degrees” design studio. Those are Agota Rimsaite and Cristina Sánchez, that could reflect in their creations the talent of two different cultures and for the friendly fusion of technological materials with natural materials.

As for our beloved brands that you find in LFS, it was pleasant to see:

Aromas del Campo stand with the New Collection. The concept of the wall lights “wheel” has changed a lot, in place of the shiny gold you will discover a version in rattan shades, which is now with the name “Tan Tan Collection”, and are a distinctive touch of  Aromas’s designer Fornasevi.

Also, the Ghost chandelier can be completed with original wall lights.

It seems that the matt tubular shaped shades are new lines that represent Aromas del Campo. In the style of Anet, by Agustin Gascon, we have found the new ceiling lights, that are in harmony with Almon collection by Pepe Fornas.

Whatever, you will be also pleasantly surprised to see Vidavi new style. A huge difference from the previous products we are used to see. The new rattan lampshades, the sackcloth shades, all in natural colours, with an eco-aspect, as usual handmade with care by Vidavi masters.

As usual, the Plussmi and Massmi Stand were present in the natural wood theme stand. We were lucky to be the first ones to see the Zesta, its new design by Aranda Aloy – Enblanc and Bulbo by Xop Studio.

And, why not Luxcambra’s new Collection that explores the natural wealth. The Niuet collection, designed by Xavier Solé is an imitation of small bird nests, which are direct descendants from the development of life millions of years ago.

It’s amazing, but Feria Habitat Valencia had a strong line of new designs that are opting for nature supporting concept, buy using recycled materials, with clear wood colour tones.

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