How do we create value?

 Here are some steps we want to point out about the way we work in Lighting from Spain.

- We facilitate the search, negotiation and purchase of Made in Spain lighting

So, we are speeding up all the steps from the search for suppliers and brands. Also for the search of manufacture and design of special, exclusive or even unique pieces to international distribution with total guarantee and security. The LFS project encompasses all brands and lighting companies, which undoubtedly creates synergies between them all.

- We offer Special discounts for lighting projects

Our main clients are professionals from the lighting sector, architects, decorators, refurbishment and construction companies, etc. We have special offers and discounts for lighting projects.

- We are experienced in international export of lighting items

We have already sold in more than 35 countries and have an online presence in more than 80 countries. This is the way we developed an online sales platform to facilitate as much as possible any international buy-sell operation.

- We are Experts in international B2B operations

We have experience and a professional approach to Companies from all around the world. LFS is a lighting expert for professionals’ indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting, architecture lighting, interior design projects, commercial interior design and more.

- Leaders in lighting Made in Spain

Ours group experience in Ecommerce with Spanish native brands helped us to increase the number of sells online of their products. Our group has the  top sells of Made in Spain Lights in Spain, and are increasing it on international market. We know what product have more interest for our public.

- Digital and innovative

We’re digital natives. We know the online environment very well and are able to adapt to the high demands of an increasingly rigorous and better informed market. We are also very social, we create trend and online community.

- Control and Quality. Success of the project

There are no limits for us concerning this issue. We can do it. The direct contact and “in the field” with manufacturers and brands allows to assure and to have a control of all the processes.

- Commercial Synergies

We help to create the commercial synergies between interior designers that has a lighting project and the lighting manufacturer that can adapt their products to the needs of the project.  This is a simple example of the cooperation we create.

- Lighting designers

We promote the Lighting Manufacturers and their designers. In this page you will find all the novelties concerning the new lighting products, innovations in lighting news about the awards won by the best lighting design. We provide information about the Lighting Designers, their story and inspiration.

- Multi-language assistance

Our international multidisciplinary team speaks English, French, Russian, Romanian and Spanish, making contact easier and reducing language and cultural barriers.

- International- Digital E-business

LFS has a clear commitment to the digital internationalization of Spanish brands and lighting companies. That’s why our blog is a very important meeting and promotion point to bring together and encompass the entire Spanish lighting sector. For this reason, it is the only portal where, in addition to finding the best and most prestigious lighting brands Made in Spain, we will also find SMEs, small manufacturers of the highest quality, entrepreneurs, young and emerging designers, but all with the full guarantee of Lighting from Spain.

Let´s start our Journey together

LFS – creates business synergy for the Lighting Projects Managers and the Prestigious Lighting Manufacturers.

We help to create the commercial deal between the responsible person that has a lighting project and the lighting manufacturer that can adapt their products to the needs of the project.

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