Digital Access to Lighting Brands

We facilitate the search, negotiation and purchase of Made in Spain lighting. So, we are speeding up all the steps from the search for suppliers and brands. Also for the search of manufacture and design of special, exclusive or even unique pieces to international distribution with total guarantee and security. The LFS project encompasses all brands and lighting companies, which undoubtedly creates synergies between them all.

We offer Premium range of modern, contemporary and traditional table lamps, desk lamps, task lights and bedside lamps. Illuminate your home with our selection of designer surface lighting. From bedside tables to your modern desk lamps you´ll be sure to find the perfect reading lamp at LFS. An extensive range to cater for every taste and interior.

LFS – creates business synergy for the Lighting Projects Managers and the Prestigious Lighting Manufacturers.

We help to create the commercial deal between the responsible person that has a lighting project and the lighting manufacturer that can adapt their products to the needs of the project.

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